So What Exactly Does a Psychologist Do?


...turned an acquaintance to me the other day. As I am asked this question from time to time, I thought it could be interesting to some if I shared the conversation which usually follows:


In a nutshell, a psychologist is a connecting link between what science has found about how people can make their own lives better and those who are ready to use this knowledge.


'In other words, those go to a psycholoigst who cannot fix their lives on their own?'


Actually, I find that the opposite is true. Those go to a psychologist who realize that they can do something in order to help their own situations and are ready to work on that.


I have not one client, for example, whose life is enviably in order but they would like to further develop in a given area. There are people who want to change a bad habit, others would like to be more open or communicate more consciously.  


They don’t come to me because they could not work on these goals on their own but because they would like to learn more effective techniques that bring results faster and which they can continue to use for the rest of their lives.   


'So don’t you deal with only 'problematic' people?'


What the people I work with have in common is that they all would like to change and develop in something. It is not important where they start from but to get closer to their goals by the end of our work.


'Isn't it sometimes tiring to talk about the things that bother people?'


On the contrary, for me there is nothing more rewarding than to help people work through difficulties and see them getting to a better place this way.


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