Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

How can psychology help you?

Have you ever wondered why some people see the world in bright pink while others notice only the dark shades? Our way of thinking is like wearing sunglasses - we often forget that they are on, yet they make each of our 'realities' look so different.
Psychology helps you take a look at your mental sunglasses and change them so they will serve you better.

As a certified psychologist, I find it fascinating to use the findings of science to make people's lives better.


In my work I use cognitive behavioral and metacognitive therapy approaches and techniques. What differentiates these approaches from simple talk therapies is the strong scientific basis and the teaching of skills that will enable you to continue working towards your goals once the counseling process has ended.


These  approaches are especially effective for depressive symptoms, anxiety (OCD, phobia, panic, social anxiety), dieting and addiction.


I am available for personal appointments in Limassol, Cyprus as well as online from anywhere in the world if you wish to receive my support right in the convenience of your home.