Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

At the time of writing, many countries of the world are taking drastic measures in order to slow down the spreading of the novel coronavirus; borders and institutions have been closed and people are urged to stay in isolation as much as possible. This subject has been...

We all want the best for them – hearing our kids cry or seeing a bruised knee make our stomach clench. So keeping them safe and cosy, reminding them of all the dangers they need to avoid is a sensible way to ensure their physical health. The only problem is that this a...

Do you often worry without any good reason?

Do you suffer from panic attacks that make it difficult to enjoy your life?

Do you experience recurring obsessive thoughts that you just cannot get rid of?

Do you have a phobia that does not let you do certain things or go to ce...

Feeling down or depressed?


Nowadays the two are used interchangeably but it is important to know the line between low mood and real depression. While sad feelings are a part of a healthy person’s emotional palette, depression is a real illness with a wide range of symp...




We all know very well that building up physical muscles is essential when trying to lose weight. So we go running, hit the gym or do whatever activities seem to be the least struggle and most fun.


However, there is a group of muscles that is equally important to dev...


...turned an acquaintance to me the other day. As I am asked this question from time to time, I thought it could be interesting to some if I shared the conversation which usually follows:


In a nutshell, a psychologist is a connecting link between what science has foun...

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